The Values we've built Paperplane on.

1st Value

We're transparent.

Because you are afraid of what enterprises hide from you. We promise you to be transparent in each step of our development. Establishing a trustful relationship is essential for us.

2nd Value

We're Creative.

With Paperplane the world is not limited to the size of your screen anymore. We want to inspire people and let them develop creative content.

3rd Value

We simplify.

Because we think that simplicity makes things more understandable and clear. We design Paperplane in an intuitive way, and make it accessible for every people.

4th Value

We're respectful.

Because everybody should be respectful of everyone, and understand that each person is different. We will develop our brand with dignity and respect users, teams and partners in each step of our adventure.

5th Value

We're diferent.

Because we want our brand to be soulful. We will do everything in order to not be afraid to do things differently and never forget who we are.

6th Value

We're ambitious.

Because we want you to have the best messaging experience ever. We will give it our best to build an excellent product that constantly fits best to you.