Map based Augmented Reality Experiences for your visitors.

Simply create and position augmented reality experiences in the heart of your themepark, city, festival or resort. Our vision has always been to create immersive, creative and stunning experiences on everyone's smartphone. With Paperplane Business, this is now a reality.

Manage everything with 1 Click.

Show your visitors the right Augmented Reality information at the right time. We help you provide users with information when it’s needed, whether that means providing the right context to navigate to the next destination or bringing up a personalized information, marketing deal or animated characters based on location. All of this is designed beautifully with a remarkably familiar and intuitive interface.

Paperplane Parks Logo

Paperplane Parks.

We offer fantastically immersive and custom augmented reality experiences for your park. Create story-arcs with animated characters, let people discover hidden treasures or marketing deals. Do all this while letting friends keep each other close with live location sharing.

Paperplane Parks is a great way to provide guests with immersive digital experiences that go far beyond the Smartphone Screen.

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Paperplane Resorts.

For us, resorts are not just a place for lodging your guests, but a place for spectacular events, entertainment, breath-taking scenery and deep relaxation.

With our Augmented Reality solutions you can now provide your guests with immersive, magical experiences that make your guests feel welcome.

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Paperplane Festivals

We believe that Festivals are the true experession of creativity in Arts and Music. We help festivals to bring fantastic experiences to life with Augmented Reality right from the pockets of every single visitor. Dream Big, Bring your festival to life and give visitors an unforgettable, shareable experience.