Paperplane for Cities.

With interesting museums, theaters, live music shows, laid-back bars, parks and delightful restaurants, there's never a shortage of things to do in your city! Make it easy and compelling for citizens to find their way around town and learn everything there is to know about your city.

The most powerful apps are the ones your visitors intuitively love to use. With The Paperplane as your Augmented Reality solution, citizens can explore the must-see attractions, delve into your cities history and make the most of the city all year around. The following are just a few examples of use-cases for Paperplane inside your city.

Great ideas for City Applications.

There are many ways in which you can use The Paperplane in your city. Augmented Reality has an infinite amount of possibilities that offer fantastically immersive and fluid experiences that go far beyond the Smartphone screen. Here are a few use-cases that have been suggested to us or used previously.


Guided Tours



Display Artists

Treasure Hunts

Story Telling

Find Friends

Social Sharing




Your City in one Platform.

Every city is different, has different citizens, different culture and needs. This is why we build a custom platforms for your city on which you can manage all AR expereinces, add and remove them at will and even get rich analytics to engage with your citizens better. You'll get it ready-to-go and remarcably simple to use.

Manage your Scenes.

Sometimes you may want to upload a new scene into your city. Or modify an existing one for a different annual season. With Paperplane Platform all of this is as simple as a click.

1. Upload

Upload your 3D content with 1 click.

2. Define Action

Decide what happens when a user interacts with the 3D Object.

3. Position

Position the 3D content on a Map.

4. Keep track

Analyze the performance of your experience.

Where Paperplane shines.

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Friendly Interface

Magical Experience


Content Management

Data Analysis

Large Surfaces Areas

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