Make your Scenes available to the right people at the right location.

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Your all-in-one

Have complete control and rich insights over all AR Expereinces in your park.

Your custom platform.

You manage all Augmented Reality Experiences inside your premises from one remarkably intuitive platform. You already know how to use it, no technical skills required. We build your platform custom to the needs of your business.

Make it shareable.

Giving users the opportunity to share their A.R. Experiences on Social Media will create many more meaningful connections between your business and people.

Infinite Possibilities.

Tell your brand’s story with many different AR Formats. Depending on wether your Scene brings information, entertainment, story-telling or services to users, some AR Formats may be better suited. We support static and animated 3D objects, 360 Videos and 2D Photos or Videos inside a 3D Frame.

Precise Placement.

Provide users with the right Scene exactly when it’s needed. You can simply drop a Scene onto the Map and it will be displayed on your users smartphones. Your Scene will only be visible at those the exact coordinates. For indoor AR Experiences we can help you with location beacons.


Paperplane Analytics has data you won’t find anywhere else. We give you data in a way that it is easy for you to understand and learn valuable insights about how users engage with your A.R. Content. We help you optimize your Scenes for maximum user-captivation and engagement..

Everything in Real time.

You can change anything anytime you want and it will work instantaneusly.

Manage your Scenes.

Scenes are AR-Experiences that are based in one specific location.

Format the Scenes

With only a few clicks, you can upload your animated Scene onto the Platform. Whether it's a static or animated 3D Object, a floating picture, normal video or 360 video. Everything is just a few clicks away.

Define an Interaction.

You choose what happens when a user taps on a 3D Object. Is there a story to be told, does he get a marketing coupon? Or maybe you just want to unlock the next scene for a treasure hunt. We help you to be as creative as you want.

Set your Scene

You can target your scene towards the right audience. Position the Scene on coordinates inside your premises. Make your Scene only visible to certain demographics, define how long the scene should be available and choose many more targeting options.

Analytics. Full insights for the right action.

Measure engagement, marketing campaigns, user traffic and monetization with Analytics.


We unify data in a way that it is easy for you to learn valuable insights and optimize your Scenes for maximum user-engagement. Find out how people engage with your Scenes so you can optimize customer-experience and sales-conversions.


Analytics provides extensive demographics and audience insights. Understand the users interacting with your Scenes at a deeper level with rich, aggregated demographics that include age, gender, exact location, interests, job titles and many more.


We savely cross-compare and benchmark your Scene-Performace with similar businesses. This helps us give your business quantitatively smarter advice on how to create more meaningful connections with your visitors.

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